Daily dice tournaments

Try your luck every day at Luckygames with our 4 daily tournaments with a total of €1000 in cash prizes. You can also participate in our weekly tournament with cash prizes totaling €2000.

Be sure to check our tournament page regularly as some surprises may appear.

Register for a tournament

To participate in our tournaments, simply click on the current tournament and register by clicking on the "Registration" button. You are now registered and your entry ticket is waiting for you.

Start the tournament game

When you click on the "Join" button, the tournament begins. Try to collect as many points as possible with your starting credit within the given game time. The more points you earn, the higher your rank will be in the final leaderboard.

Try your luck again

Once your credit is exhausted, your ticket loses its value and you receive your ranking. You can then view the ranking and your total win. In some tournaments, each player can participate only once, in others there is no limit on the level of participation.

Would you like to participate in the same tournament again?

This is possible via a new registration by buying a rebuy in order to try your luck again!

When you decide to participate several times in the tournament, you keep the points of your previous participation and the place in the ranking linked to these points.

With each new participation, you start with the same starting credits and therefore start from 0. The points of your different participations cannot be accumulated in order to reach a higher final score.

Each entry is a separate event.

Who is the final winner?

During the tournament, you can consult the provisional classification. The final ranking is done only when the tournament is over. If at this moment you are at the top of the ranking, you win the first prize!