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June 13th, 2022

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Small dictionary of online casino games

Is this your first time playing in our online casino? Expect to discover a whole unknown vocabulary. But don't panic, we've listed the words you need to master before you enter the arena.

Dice slots, dice games and jackpots

Dice slots and dice games are casino games played with dices. The principle consists in aligning three identical symbols. In dice slots, the dices are aligned automatically; in dice games, you place them yourself. Here are some terms to know for this type of games:

  • Reels: these are the vertical rows, which rotate.
  • Payline: if you make a combination of three identical symbols on this horizontal or diagonal line, you win.
  • Jackpot: hitting the jackpot means winning the jackpot, i.e. a substantial sum of money. The jackpot often rewards a special combination of symbols or a specific number of points to accumulate. In the case of a progressive jackpot, the jackpot keeps growing, until someone wins it.
  • Tournament: In a tournament, you compete against other players. Lucky Games organizes daily and weekly tournaments. The goal is to finish as high as possible in the standings.
  • Streak: the winning lines remain blocked, the other reels are restarted.
  • Cascade: the winning combination is destroyed and replaced by new symbols.

Bonuses and extras from our online casino

In dice slots and dice games, you clear bonus rounds by lining up three bonus symbols on a payline. This symbol varies from game to game. And let's not forget the cool extras:

  • Mystery: a bonus game that allows you to win up to a hundred times your bet.
  • Multiply: Multiply your points by the given number.
  • Super Game: With this ticket you can win €10 for a bet of €0.10.
  • Wild: This symbol replaces other dice and increases your chances of completing a winning line.
  • Free spin or respin: you get an extra free spin.

Roulette and blackjack

In addition to dice games, our online casino offers two other types of games: roulette and blackjack.

  • The principle of roulette consists of betting on one or more lucky numbers, then spinning the wheel. If the ball lands on your number, you win. Find out the best strategy here.
  • In blackjack (or “twenty-one”), you must add up the value of the cards in your hand and try to get 21. Check out this popular card game here.

Come and play in our online casino

Our online casino offers a payout table for each game, which displays the value of each symbol. Before playing, you will need to create an account and deposit some money. Feel free to start with a demo version.