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February 27th, 2024

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Place your bets on Steampunk Roulette!

Embark on a prestigious zeppelin casino, the roulette games are fast and the stop is smashing for sparkling winnings.

Walk away with up to 36 times your stake on this popular roulette game, winnings of more than €2,800 per spin can surprise you with each spin!

How to play Steampunk roulette?

Choose the value of the token and place it on one of the many areas on the mat. When you're ready, press the "Play" button. If the ball lands on a number with a bet, you win the associated prize.

After your first game, a “Same bet” button allows you to replace your chips from the previous game. A “Replay” button allows you to replace your tokens and start the game in one click.

You can double the value of your tokens with the “X2” button.

You can go back or cancel the placement of your tokens at any time using the “Cancel” or “Remove” buttons.

Roulette views

You have the choice to play with two views for betting. These allow you to make other types of bets while keeping the numbers you bet on. During the game, you can switch from one to the other whenever you want.

Place your bets on Steampunk Roulette!

Traditional view

The roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers, from 0 to 36, divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers as well as box 0.

Multiple chances include the following bets:

  • Full: Directly on the number. Pays 35x the stake.
  • On horseback: On the dividing line, between 2 numbers. Pays 17x the stake.
  • The cross: Bet on 3 numbers placed on the edge of the mat. Pays 11x the stake.
  • 0/1/2 and 0/2/3: Bet on 3 numbers. Pays 11x the stake.
  • The square: Bet on 4 numbers, in the middle of these last 4. Pays 8x the stake.
  • The first four: Bet on the first 4 numbers starting from 0 placed on the edge of the mat including zero. Pays 8x the stake.
  • The sixain: Bet on 6 numbers, between 2 transversals. Pays 5x the stake.
  • Dozens: All numbers from 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36. Pays 2x the stake.
  • Columns: All numbers located on the first, second or third column. Pays 2x the stake.

Simple odds: Consists of betting on half of the numbers other than zero. Pays 1x the stake.

They include the following bets:

  • Red: All red numbers
  • Black: All black numbers
  • Even: All even numbers
  • Odd: All odd numbers
  • Missing: All numbers from 1 to 18
  • Pass: All numbers from 19 to 36

The racetrack view on the Steampunk roulette game

Place your bets on Steampunk Roulette!

This mat allows you to have a schematic view of the roulette and allows you to bet on an area of at least 5 numbers.

Additional shortcuts allow you to play on:

  • The third: Covers a third of the numbers on the wheel. The bet includes 12 numbers.
  • Series 0/2/3: Covers numbers close to zero, including zero. The bet includes 17 numbers.
  • The orphans: Covers numbers which are neither part of the third nor numbers close to 0. The bet includes 8 numbers.
  • On a black horse: Covers the black numbers that overlap each other
  • On a red horse: Covers the red numbers that overlap each other

Choice of bet

To bet, you have different tokens of different values at your disposal.

Place your bets on Steampunk Roulette!

The maximum amounts you can bet are:

For each multiple chance:

  • In full: up to 100 times the minimum bet: €10.00
  • On horseback: up to 200 times the minimum bet: €20.00
  • Transverse: up to 300 times the minimum bet: €30.00
  • 0/1/2 and 0/2/3: up to 300 times the minimum bet: €30.00
  • Square: up to 400 times the minimum bet: €40.00
  • First four: up to 400 times minimum bet: €40.00
  • Sixain: up to 600 times the minimum bet: €60.00
  • Dozen: up to 800 times the minimum bet: €80.00
  • Column: up to 800 times the minimum bet: €80.00
  • For each single chance: up to 800 times the minimum bet: €80.00

Steampunk roulette in numbers

  • Redistribution rate: 97.30%
  • Min bet: €0.10
  • Max Bet: €80.00
  • The maximum win is 36x the stake, for a max bet of €80.00 you will therefore win more than €2800!

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