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June 13th, 2022

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Online casino: 4 tips for gambling safely and responsibly

Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ours offers a wide range of exciting games. Faced with this abundant offer, you may tend to play a lot.

We know how exciting online gambling can be. But playing should be fun. So here are four tips for gambling safely and responsibly.

A reliable site, the basis of a successful experience

Want to play safely in an online casino? Always be vigilant when entering your personal data or when transferring money, as fraud attempts are increasing. Stick to reputable gaming sites with a valid license. Since January 1, 2011, sites that do not have Belgian approval are considered illegal.

However, by playing on an illegal site, you are committing an offence. The Lucky Games online gaming site operates under the Belgian legal license B+3825. By playing on Lucky Games, you benefit from the protection of the Belgian Gaming Commission, which ensures in particular the limitation of hourly losses and verifies the redistribution rates.

A nice experience

Before you begin, determine the duration of your game and the amount of your bet. Always play with a budget you can live without. So you'll know when it's time to stop or take a break. This strategy will guarantee you maximum pleasure, without unpleasant surprises.

Don't think you're invincible

Did you win a nice jackpot? Cheer ! But don't spend it on new games right away, because you think you're "in good momentum". Perhaps you have a savings plan for a future purchase; in this case, use your winnings to achieve this goal faster. And if you have lost money, do not try to recover it as soon as possible.

Stay sober

Alcohol and drugs impair your judgement. So always stay sober while playing, to avoid bad decisions. Otherwise, the hangover may be even more painful!

Online Casino: Play Safely with Lucky Games

Our online casino allows you to play safely. Do you feel like you're losing your footing? Go to our help center and find the right support.

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