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October 10th, 2022

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Mirror Jackpot: a mysterious dice game with a mirror effect

The Mirror Jackpot is different from other dice games. It consists of four grids, but you only place your dice in three of them. This is because the first grid is automatically reflected in the fourth - hence the name Mirror Jackpot.

Your gain from the first grid therefore counts double. As for the Crazy Spin bonus round, it gives you an extra chance to win. Do you dream of the jackpot? Find out how to snag it here!

Here's how to hit the Mirror Jackpot jackpot

Mirror Jackpot: a mysterious dice game with a mirror effect

The major advantage of this dice game is the mirror grid: a win in the first grid immediately brings you a win in the split grid! If you line up three bonus dice (displaying a Chinese pictogram) in a horizontal or diagonal position, you unlock two bonus games at the same time.

These Crazy Spins offer you a chance to win Mystery games – games that allow you to pocket up to a hundred times your bet – or to win the jackpot.

Crazy Spin bonus round: twice the fun

The Crazy Spin bonus round starts in the first grid. The columns move at a frantic pace; if you form a winning combination, the game continues. The first prize is access to the Mystery games. The Mirror Jackpot limit is set at 500 euros.

The jackpot is hidden in the mirror grid. In the second Crazy Spin bonus round, the mystery dice are set aside and replaced with jackpot symbols. If you line up three of them, you win a particularly high amount.

Make the Most of the Mirror Grid

Mirror Jackpot: a mysterious dice game with a mirror effect

If you play it smart at the Mirror Jackpot, you'll have a better chance of winning. The dice are generated automatically, it is up to you to decide in which column you insert them. Better to save your bonus symbols for the first grid. So you'll get the most out of the Mirror Grid and double your points and bonuses in no time. Tip: the more you bet, the more likely you are to land a Mystery game.

But don't lose sight of the other grids! If you place nine identical dice in a grid, you earn 200 points. A combination in three or four grids will multiply your gain.