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October 3rd, 2023

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Katie Combs – Riches of the Lost City dice game

Game rules

A game round is started with the Start button or with keyboard shortcuts, beginning the game with the selected bet level defined in the Bet. No bets can be altered during a game round.

A game round consists of 12 player moves. Each move consists of placing the column of 3 random dice into one of the four boxes available. A game round is complete when all 12 moves have been made. On completion of the game round any points earned are awarded and paid according to the prize table. The next game round can then be started.

Points are gained by placing 3 of the same dice symbols in a horizontal or diagonal line. Different dice symbols carry different point values with less common dice symbols carrying the higher point values. A minimum of 100 points is required for the minimum prize.

Score Multipliers & Bonuses

  • If you score points in 3 boxes, you gain a 1.5x point multiplier.
  • If you score points in 4 boxes, your point multiplier grows to 2x.
  • If you fill a box with 9 of the same symbol, you point 200 extra points.

Mystery Games

During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table are worth the main prize, 100 x bet. A minimum of 100 points is required to win—a cash prize does not trigger the 100 x bet win.

Mystery Games are not free rounds: every Mystery Game requires you to place the same bet as the round in which it was won. No bets can be altered during Mystery Games. Mystery Games start in the round following the one in which they were won.

  • In this game, Mystery Games can be won from the Treasure Vault Bonus and Gold Compass Bonus

Main game strategy

Katie Combs – Riches of the Lost City dice game

In order to succeed in this game, strategic thinking is required. Carefully considering every move will result in a better chance of winning.

There is a variety of strategies that can be used to tackle this game. However, for those seeking a solid starting point, here's a general strategy for effective gameplay.

General instructions

  • Breaking a box means placing the second or third column of dice so that there are no connections. A broken box can no longer give points. Breaking a box should be done so that the game can still be won.
  • A full box (aka 9 alike, 9 of the same symbol in one box) is very valuable. Try to place full bars (columns with three of the same symbol) in an empty box.
  • Scoring points in 3 or 4 boxes awards point multipliers, which is a great way to affect your score.
  • You need at least 100 points to win. Each move should be made so that the game can still be won.

Strategic steps

A bonus is very valuable - consider connected bonus dice more valuable than most 40 point and 20 point dice connections.

A full box is very valuable - consider full bars and the chance of a full box more valuable than most 40 point and 20 point dice connections.

Avoid 20 point dice connections until you have scored at least 40 points.

Consider breaking a potential bonus or full box if you can score 60 points or more, as long as the game can still be won afterwards.

Later in the game, start considering breaking a potential full box for connections of multiple dice that can lead to 60 points. Early in the game, prioritize full box potential.

When there are no possible connections

  • Place the column to an empty box if the game can still be won afterwards.
  • If there are no empty boxes, break the least valuable box while protecting bonus potential.
  • If there are already broken boxes, keep filling them before breaking a new one.

During Mystery Games follow the normal steps, with the following caveats:

Consider bonus dice and full box potential less valuable. Aim to score 100 points first.

Scoring more than 100 points gives no extra reward.

Bonus feature : Treasure Vault Bonus

Katie Combs – Riches of the Lost City dice game
  • Place three Bonus symbols on a win line to trigger the Treasure Vault Bonus.

By pressing the Start button the player starts the lottery animation of 18 individual cells. At the start of the Treasure Vault Bonus the player has 3 attempts, and after each round that results in a win, the attempt count is reset to 3. Rounds without a win will decrease the attempts by one. A cell that has won something is locked and will no longer animate.

Unlocked cells will animate automatically after the first round. After there are no more attempts left or the player has won something from each of the 18 cells, the main game will resume.

The possible prizes in the Treasure Vault Bonus are

  • Points: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 700, 800, 1000
  • Mystery Games: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 25
  • Money (x bet): 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 900x

When the Treasure Vault Bonus ends, point prizes are added to the main game result and count toward the total win of the game round.

The Treasure Vault Bonus can be triggered only once per game round.

Bonus Feature: Gold Compass Bonus

Katie Combs – Riches of the Lost City dice game

The Gold Compass Bonus is triggered by placing any four symbols marked with the GOLD COMPASS SYMBOL (Scatter) anywhere in the boxes.

The player is presented with a wheel that spins automatically and awards one of the possible prizes. Possible prizes are listed on the left side of the spin animation, and are

  • Money (x bet): 1x, 2x, 10x, 25x
  • 1 Mystery Game

Gold Compass Bonus prizes are multiplied by 1–10 depending on the amount of extra money in the skill balance prize pool, making the maximum money prize 250 x bet. Maximum Mystery Games prize is 10 Mystery Games. The Gold Compass Bonus win is paid at the end of the game round.

Skill balance prize pool

The skill balance prize pool collects all winnings lost as a result of sub-optimal play and distributes them as Gold Compass Bonus prizes, to ensure that the advertised overall RTP is achieved regardless of player strategy. Prize pool is shared between all players at the same bet level and currency.

The multiplier on the Gold Compass Bonus rises as the skill balance price pool grows larger. A larger skill balance prize pool also increases the chance of getting four Scatter symbols that trigger the Gold Compass Bonus.

Buy Feature

  • NOTE: Not available in all areas.
  • The player can use the BUY FEATURE button from the main game to purchase the TREASURE VAULT BONUS.
  • Using the BUY FEATURE guarantees winning the Bonus Feature during the round. The total cost is 30 x bet. One of the boxes is reserved for bonus dice, but the rest of the main game round is played as normal.

Katie Combs Riches of the Lost City in numbers

  • Type of game: dice placement, dice game
  • License: B+
  • Redistribution rate: 95.5%
  • Volatility: average (5/10)
  • Minimum bet: €0.25
  • Maximum bet: €25.00
  • Maximum win: €25,000.00 (excluding jackpot)
  • Bonuses: Points, Mysteries, Hold & Win and Multipliers
  • Maximum multiplier: x100
  • Jackpot: No