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March 20th, 2024

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Immerse yourself in the Wild West with Gunslinger Legends

Airdice's Gunslinger Legends Mystery Bounty transports you to a world of desert, smoky saloons and fearless cowboys. Immersive graphics and evocative sound effects immerse players in the heart of the action, where each roll of the dice brings its share of surprises. The authentic ambiance of a classic Western creates a captivating gaming experience, where adventure and excitement are around every corner.

Rules of the game

A round of play begins by pressing the Play button or keyboard shortcut (spacebar and all shortcut combinations detailed in the game info), which launches the game with the selected bet level set in the Setting section. The game then starts at the Bet level selected in the Bet section. Stakes cannot be changed during play.

  • A game is made up of 12 rounds. Each round consists of placing the column of 3 random dice in one of the four available squares. The game ends when all 12 turns have been completed. At the end of the game, all points earned are awarded and winnings paid out according to the prize table. The next part can then begin.

Points are earned by placing 3 identical dice symbols on a horizontal or diagonal line. Different dice symbols have varying point values. Less common dice symbols are worth more points. A minimum of 100 points is required to win the minimum prize.

Point Multipliers and Bonuses

  • If you score points in 3 boxes, you earn a 1.5x points multiplier.
  • If you score points in 4 boxes, your points multiplier increases to x2.
  • If you fill a box with 9 identical symbols, you earn 200 extra points.
Immerse yourself in the Wild West with Gunslinger Legends

Mystery Games

During Mystery Games, all prizes in the main game prize table have the value of the main prize, which is 100 times the stake! A minimum of 100 points is required to win. A cash prize does not trigger the win of 100 times the stake.

Mystery Games are not free spins: each Mystery Game requires you to place the same bet as the spin that triggered it. Stakes cannot be changed during Mystery Games. The Mystery Games begin on the turn following the one in which they were triggered.

In this game you can win Mystery Games from the Bounty Wheel Bonus feature.

Bonus Feature: Bounty Wheel

Place three Bonus symbols on a payline to trigger the Bonus Bounty Wheel feature (also known as the Bonus Feature).

The Play button launches the Bonus feature. Possible wins include cash, points, 2 to 7 Mystery Games and the progressive Mystery Jackpot.

After each throw, the player can refuse the result if he wishes. Declining a result removes it from the list of possibilities. The player has 5 throws, after which the last result is automatically accepted.

  • The Mystery Jackpot section pays the full displayed jackpot. Bets increase the Mystery Jackpot until someone wins it. The Mystery Jackpot awards Mystery Games, up to 100 Mystery Games. If the progressive Mystery Jackpot reaches its maximum value of 100 Mystery Games, the chances of hitting the Jackpot with the Bounty Wheel are doubled compared to the original chances. When the Mystery Jackpot is won, the odds return to the original ones.

When the Bounty Wheel ends, the point prizes are added to the main game result and counted toward the total win for the round.

The Bounty Wheel can only be triggered once per game round.

Immerse yourself in the Wild West with Gunslinger Legends

Gunslinger Legends dice game in numbers

  • Type of game: dice placement, dice game
  • License: B+
  • Redistribution rate: 96%
  • Volatility: average (5/10)
  • Minimum bet: €1.00
  • Maximum bet: €20.00
  • Maximum win: €2,000.00 (excluding mystery games jackpot)
  • Bonus: Points, Mysteries, Multipliers and Bonus Wheel
  • Jackpot: Yes, progressive of mystery games

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