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April 17th, 2023

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Greentube Hot Cubes Dice Slot, simple but effective!

Beginner or experienced player, the refined, simple but effective style of the Hot Cubes diceslot will satisfy you with many winning combinations from your first games.

Indeed, the game has five reels and all you have to do to win is match three identical dice symbols, simple isn't it?

The unique and assumed theme of this slot machine, combined with an easy understanding of casino diceslot games, makes it a super popular title in both physical and online casinos!

The Hot Cubes Game

To choose the total bet per spin, please use the Total Bet button.

The minimum bet per spin is €0.50 and the maximum bet is €50.00.

Each round is independent of previous rounds, all game results are randomly generated.

Greentube Hot Cubes Dice Slot, simple but effective!

Winnings on Hot Cubes

The payouts assigned to the symbols in the paytable are dynamic: they vary depending on the stake selected.

For each line selected and for each SCATTER combination, only the highest win is won.

Scatter wins are added to the basic payline wins.

All wins are for identical, adjacent symbol combinations starting on the leftmost reel and rolling left to right on the selected lines, excluding Scatter symbols.

RTP of the Hot Cubes diceslot

The theoretical return to player (RTP) value is 95.66%.

RTP is calculated based on the equation total win/total stake based on a large number of games played. The actual RTP value may therefore vary significantly over a small number of games played.

Greentube Hot Cubes Dice Slot, simple but effective!

Risk game, bet your winnings to double them

With your current stake, a maximum of €250.00 can be wagered in the RISK game.

The betting game is initiated by pressing the Bet key once a winning combination has been generated on the reels. This part has simple rules. You will see an upturned card on the screen.

Your task is to guess the color of the card. If you guessed it correctly, the last win is doubled. Your odds in gambling are 50/50.

Greentube Hot Cubes Dice Slot, simple but effective!

The Greentube Hot Cubes in numbers

  • Type of game: video diceslot
  • Redistribution rate: 95.66%
  • Number of rolls: 5
  • Paylines: 5
  • Stakes: from €0.50 to €50.00
  • Max win: up to 1000x the bet, i.e. €50,000.00!
  • Functions: Scatter and Win Gamble
  • Jackpot: No
  • Launch of the game: 2022