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June 13th, 2022

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Gaming1 88 Mystery Dice - Test and review

Try to unlock the ultimate mysteries!

Try the ultimate mysterys! Win up to 88 mystery rounds on this new Gaming1 dice game!

Prepare to be captivated as 88 MYSTERY DICE embraces the Year of the TIGER and celebrates being the first dice game designed for portrait mode.

Evolve among the 3 hectic wheels of fortune filled with mystery parts.

A thrilling game and a bonus where you always win!


Align 3 bonus symbols in one of the grids and access the bonus game. In the bonus part you will win points or Mystery games. Only one bonus can be triggered per grid.

During the bonus game, the bet remains identical to the game that triggered the bonus.

Gaming1 88 Mystery Dice - Test and review


Start the game and spin the wheels. Play continues until a prize is selected. Obtaining an arrow allows you to move to the next inner wheel and thus move towards better prices. When you come across a prize in Mystery, then it is won.

When you get 1 Mystery in the first wheel, the game offers you to put it back into play. By renouncing the latter, you re-roll the wheels again. You then have an additional chance to continue your ascent and obtain a better price. Otherwise, you earn 100 points.

When you win 3 consecutive arrows, you reach the center of the wheel for a gain of 88 Mystery games!

Gaming1 88 Mystery Dice - Test and review


The principle of the game consists in placing several columns of 3 dice in the grids of the game so as to form horizontal or diagonal lines of identical dice. You earn a number of points relative to the value of the aligned dice as indicated in the Points Table.

To start a game, choose the amount of your bet. Once the correct amount has been selected, press the PLAY button to start the game.


  • The total points are multiplied by 1.5 when you form winning lines in 3 different grids.
  • The total points are multiplied by 2 when you form winning lines in the 4 grids.
  • You earn 200 extra points when you fill a grid with 9 identical symbols.
  • The 7 dice is WILD and replaces any dice to form a winning combination, even the bonus dice!


A "Mystery" game is a special game during which you win the maximum gain regardless of the point bracket you reach!

The maximum win you can win in a game is 100x your bet.

  • Redistribution rate: 96.00%
  • Minimum bet: €0.10
  • Max bet: €25.00
  • Max win: €2,500 + 3 Mystery games or Mystery Jackpot!

Our opinion on the 88 Mystery Dice of Gaming1

This new Gaming1 dice game brings a little madness to the dice games we all know. Indeed, you will be able to test your luck in this game that looks like Chinese theater!

Use the WILD dice columns wisely to force your destiny. Go through the door of luck and dive into the heart of the action by aligning 3 bonus dice. Spin the wheels, get the arrows and access bigger and bigger prizes. Fight your way to the heart of the bonus: A magnificent gem worth 88 Mystery games!

You only get one Mystery game? Nothing is lost, put it back into play and try to access the next wheel again. No matter what, you always earn at least 100 points!

As you will have understood, Gaming1 is going a bit off the beaten track with this new dice game. Asian-themed symbols, a bonus with several wheels of fortune, a just HUGE mystery games jackpot and a WILD dice that replaces any other symbol to explode your winnings. Be aware that the 7 WILD symbol can also replace the bonus symbol!

The redistribution rate is not published but it seemed to us in the standards of dice games, the minimum bet is €0.10 and the max bet €25, all players will therefore find their account with max winnings up to €2,500 per game and a host of Mystery games.


The wind is blowing in the right direction for dice game lovers with the 88 Mystery Dice, a surprising and fun new addition to Gaming1's game offering with a new WILD dice to multiply your winnings, try it out now!