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August 25th, 2023

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Fruit Prince dice slot from Airdice, catch the Wilds

FRUIT PRINCE is a 3x5 reel video slot with 10 paylines. The game offers PRINCE SPINS and the PRINCE METER which offers EXPANDING WILDS.

Rules of the game

Three identical symbols anywhere on at least three adjacent reels constitute a trajectory win. The trajectory must start on the leftmost roller or on the rightmost roller of the screen. Only the longest combination for each symbol is paid. The prize table shows the prize for each winning combination. All wins from different paylines add up when they occur on two or more trajectories. Winnings are paid out immediately at the end of each round.

Prince Spins

The PRINCE SPIN is a special spin when a WILD symbol lands on one of the three middle reels. The WILD expands to fill the entire reel and lands a free re-spin.

  • The EXPANDING WILD can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4
  • The WILD expands to fill the entire roll
  • The EXPANDING WILD awards a free re-spin

During the re-spin, the EXPANDING WILDs remain on the reels

If other WILDs appear during re-spins, the feature continues

Any winnings are paid immediately at the end of the function

Fruit Prince dice slot from Airdice, catch the Wilds

The Prince Meter

The PRINCE METER function gives an EXPANDING WILD. With a little strategy, it is possible to maximize the gains.

  • Collect Fruit Prince SCATTER symbols to fill the PRINCE METER
  • The gauge has 10 steps and each SCATTER awards 1 step
  • Fill the gauge to earn an EXPANDING WILD

You can use the EXPANDING WILD after the PRINCE SPIN

Once the EXPANDING WILD is used, the gauge is reset to 0.

How to use an EXPANDING WILD

Send an EXPANDING WILD by pressing the USE WILD button after the PRINCE SPIN

The EXPANDING WILD appears randomly on one of the available reels (2 to 4)

Press COLLECT to take the winnings and pass using the EXPANDING WILD on that round

You can pass 4 times. During the 5th PRINCE SPIN, the function automatically uses the EXPANDING WILD

If there are already two WILDS on the reels, it is not possible to use the EXPANDING WILD

A good strategy is to look for a PRINCE SPIN with high value symbols that an EXPANDING WILD could turn into a big win. The simulated RTP with this strategy is 97.5%.

The sub-optimal strategy is to use the EXPANDING WILD as soon as possible or wait until the game dictates it. The simulated RTP with this strategy is 94.9%.

Fruit Prince dice slot from Airdice, catch the Wilds

Unfinished games

If a round in progress is interrupted for any reason, all game information is retained until the game is started again. The result of the interrupted game is automatically communicated to the player before he starts a new one. If the player does not access the interrupted game, it will be automatically deleted and any winnings will be automatically paid. Any malfunction voids all payments and all parties.

How to play on Fruit Prince?

Bets are selected by pressing the arrow next to the bet value. The menu of available bets appears. Click on the desired amount. Click anywhere on the screen to close the bet menu.

To start the round, click on the throw symbol.

The Fruit Prince Diceslot in Numbers

  • Type of game: 3 x 5 slot
  • Special Features: Prince Meter, Expanding Wilds, Respin
  • Bonus: No
  • Free Spins: Respin
  • Paylines: 10
  • Stakes: from 0.10€ - 10.00€
  • Maximum gain: €20,000
  • Max Multiplier: 2000x
  • Jackpot: No
  • Volatility: Medium 6/10
  • RTP: 97.5%