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December 26th, 2022

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EGT Amusenet Interactive Dice Plus diceslot game

The Dice Plus Video Slot is a 5 reel, 10 payline diceslot game.

The Dice Plus has 9 game symbols including 1 expansive WILD. All combinations are paid left to right and right to left.

How to play on Dice Plus?

EGT Amusenet Interactive Dice Plus diceslot game

When starting the game for the first time, the lowest bet button is always selected by default.

The bet is placed by pressing the "Start" button or any of the Betting Buttons.

The "Settings" button allows the player to access a screen where he can open the paytable and the help page and manage:

  • The denomination
  • active Reel Ways Pay (in case of non-fixed Reel Ways Pay)
  • the amount of bets

In the event of a win, the player has the possibility of participating in the Dare function by pressing the "Dare" button.

Free WILD raises

EGT Amusenet Interactive Dice Plus diceslot game

If a WILD symbol appears, it expands and covers all of the slots on its own reel.

When the free reroll starts, the reels on which a WILD symbol appears freeze and the rest of the reels, excluding the wild, start spinning automatically.

Free raises are played with the same bets and lines as when they were triggered.

If during the free re-spin a WILD symbol appears again, it expands again and covers all the slots on its reel.

The DARE function for more gains

EGT Amusenet Interactive Dice Plus diceslot game

In the event of a win, the player has the possibility of participating in the Dare function by pressing the "Dare" button.

The Dare feature activates when the Dare screen opens and the card in the middle of the screen is face down and flashing red and black.

  • The "Remaining "Dare" attempts" banner shows the number of attempts the player has for the game.
  • The "Amount to dare" banner shows the amount the player wishes to double in the Dare game.
  • The "Dare to Win" banner showing the amount a player could win if they guess the color of the card.

The player has the choice between two buttons. "Red and black". When choosing between "Black" and "Red", the card is moved to the top of the screen and kept as history.

The last five cards of the player's session are kept in the History section.

If the player guessed the color of the card correctly, a new card appears in the center of the screen face down and flashes red and black.

This process continues until the player is wrong. The sum of the "Amount to dare" field is displayed in the "Gain" field.

If the player ceases to end the "Dare" game, he activates the "Cash in" button. The screen closes and the amount from the “Gain” field is transferred to the “Balance” field.

If the player does not guess the color of the card, the Dare game ends and the player loses the amount wagered.

The screen closes. The amount in the “Win” field is lost and does not add to the Balance.

The EGT jackpot cards

EGT Jackpot Cards Bonus

Jackpot Cards Mystery is a randomly triggered bonus available in any game that contains a bonus game.

The Jackpot Cards is a mystery jackpot with four levels. Each level of the mystery jackpot is illustrated by a family of cards:

  • CLOVERS – 1st level (the lowest jackpot value);
  • TILES – 2nd level;
  • HEARTS – 3rd level;
  • SPIKES – 4th level, the highest.

The value and currency of each Mystery Jackpot Cards level are displayed to the right of their corresponding card family.

Contributions to jackpot levels are calculated based on a percentage of the player's stake. No money is deducted from the player's bet.

Triggering of the jackpot cards

Jackpot Cards bonuses can be triggered randomly at the end of each game and any resulting winnings are cashed out.

When the Mystery Jackpot Cards is triggered, the player automatically receives one of four mystery jackpots.

  • Type of game: 5-reel dice slot
  • Winning lines: 10 lines
  • Bonus: Expansive Wild
  • Minimum bet: €0.01
  • Maximum mix: €10.00
  • Max win: €1000 + jackpot
  • Jackpot: Yes, 4-level jackpot cards
  • Redistribution rate: ?