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May 30th, 2023

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Airdice Spirit Sisters dice game, unleash the mysteries!

Join the heroic fight for freedom and find your own fortune with up to 30 Mystery Games and a Jackpot!

First select your bet with the Bet button. Press START to start the game. Get the random column of 3 dice in one of the 4 grids.

You receive points when you get 3 of the same dice in a horizontal or diagonal line. Rare dice give a better reward. See the points and paylines table on page 3 of the game for more information.

A minimum of 100 points is required to win. Combine different lines and grids for even more points.

Airdice Spirit Sisters dice game, unleash the mysteries!

Spirit Blast Bonus Game

Get 3 Bonus symbols in a row to activate the bonus Spirit Blast. Press Spin to start the bonus game. You can win cash, points, up to 30 Mystery games or the Progressive Jackpot!

After each spin, you can reject a result you don't like.

This removes a result from the range of opportunities. You have 5 spin opportunities, where the last result is automatically accepted.

The two smaller Mystery Sectors offer 1-6 Mystery Games, and the large Mystery Sector offers 30 Mystery Games. During Mystery games all prizes in the main game paytable are 100x your stake.

The progressive jackpot on the Spirit Sisters

In the sector Jackpot you win the full Jackpot indicated. The Jackpot constantly grows until it is won. The Spirit Blast bonus can only be activated once per grid, but up to 4 grids in a game.

Airdice Spirit Sisters dice game, unleash the mysteries!

How to play on the Spirit Sisters?

Spirit Sisters briefly greets you with an animated intro that tells the story of the invasion. Then you end up on the base game. This is a tray with four drawers where nine dice fit in a 3 by 3 grid.

You can set your bet on Spirit Sisters from a wide choice between €0.25 and €25.

Once you've chosen your bet, you can begin the real work! The Spirit Sisters roll three dice and you choose where to place them. You can also let the "automatic game" function do it. The auto game follows the suggestions of the game itself to form combinations and generally does well, with a preference for combinations that bring more payouts.

Winning lines on the Spirit Sisters Dice

You use the dice to make combinations with the Spirit Sisters' five winning lines, from left to right, horizontally and diagonally.

Don't forget the multipliers!

When you get a winning combination in three of the fields, the score is multiplied by 1.5 at the end of the round. If you get a combination in all four fields, your win will be doubled!

If you fill a square filled with the same 9 dices, you get 200 extra points.

At the end of your turn in Spirit Sisters, and taking into account any bonus game multipliers or extra points, your score is compared to the points table below. From 100 points, you obtain a gain of at least twice your initial bet.

Airdice Spirit Sisters dice game, unleash the mysteries!

Spirit Sisters Dice in numbers

  • Type of game: dice placement, dice game
  • License: B+
  • Redistribution rate: 96.25% (+ 1% of the RTP is reserved for the jackpot)
  • Volatility: Medium (6/10)
  • Minimum bet: €0.25
  • Maximum bet: €25.00
  • Maximum win: €5,000.00 (excluding jackpot)
  • Bonuses: Points, Mysteries and multipliers
  • Maximum multiplier: x100
  • Jackpot: Yes, progressive jackpot