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July 7th, 2023

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About 'minors' and illegal online gambling

What is the minimum age for online gambling?

Before you can play at an online casino, you have to follow a few rules and the minimum age is one of them.

According to Belgian law, the minimum age to play is 21 years old. It is therefore forbidden to gamble online before the age of 21.

  • Because online casinos are more accessible, many "minors" (see: -21 years old) are still trying to create an account.

Licensed online casinos are subject to numerous legal obligations that govern who can and cannot gamble. First and foremost, “minors” (-21 years old) are therefore blocked.

In addition, there are many people who are officially banned from gambling (magistrates, police officers, etc.), as well as people who are blacklisted (see: Excluded Persons Information System or EPIS for short).

Nevertheless, some young people manage to create an account on one of the many active illegal gambling sites.

However, remember that you are breaking the law if you play on a gambling site not authorized by the Belgian Gaming Commission and you can be prosecuted.

About 'minors' and illegal online gambling

If you play on an illegal gambling site, you may also run the risk of having your account blocked by the authorities.

In addition, you do not benefit from the various protection measures required by the Belgian Gaming Commission, such as the level of redistribution and the control of the maximum hourly loss.

Belgian Gambling Commission

On the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission you will find a whitelist with licensed websites and a blacklist with banned websites.

You can check them out below:

  • A+ online casino licenses: https://data.gamingcommission.be/licenses/APLUS/latest/table.html?lang=fr
  • B+ online gaming room licenses: https://data.gamingcommission.be/licenses/BPLUS/latest/table.html?lang=fr
  • F+ online sports betting licenses: https://data.gamingcommission.be/licenses/FAPLUS/latest/table.html?lang=fr

Pay attention! If you cannot find a particular blacklisted website, it does not mean that it is legal.

  • Before logging in, it is best to check whether this website is indeed licensed.

So the message is legal gambling. You have the best chance of winning here and you are playing in a controlled environment.

We naturally have a preference for the Luckygames licensed gaming platform with the B+3825 license.