What exactly is a jackpot game?

The jackpot is an additional cash prize that you can win in a cash game. A portion of each player's bet is added to the pot. With a progressive jackpot, the prize pool grows as players participate. The lucky winner then receives the entire jackpot or a pre-determined amount.

On Lucky Games you will find jackpots of up to €25,000.

How can I hit the jackpot?

The jackpot can drop at any time during the game. In the case of progressive jackpots, the prize increases until someone wins it. Often the win is associated with a special combination, such as a winning line of jackpot symbols in a dice slot, or the number of points to accumulate. In some cases, the jackpot is randomly won by a single player. We then speak of a “mystery jackpot”.

In our online casino you will find a practical overview of the winning possibilities for each game.

Can I increase my chances of winning?

For jackpots, the chances of winning are relatively low. But the more you play, the more chances you have of winning big! With Rapid Rush for example, the jackpot is integrated into the bonus rounds. You can play it for free by accumulating more than 500 points or by aligning three bonus symbols. A good strategy can therefore be useful to you.

Discover the jackpots on Lucky Games

Ready for a good dose of adrenaline? In our online casino, you can choose from more than 20 captivating jackpots, we list some of them below including their features and bonuses.

  • AIRDICE MEGA WHEELS JACKPOT: On the Airdice Mega Wheels dice game you can win two different jackpots, the extrapot and the progressive jackpot. All you need to do is get 3 bonus dices and spin the bonus wheel to trigger the winnings!
    Extrapot: Win from €62.50 to €6,250 depending on your bet.
    Jackpot: Win from €250 to €10,000 depending on your bet.
  • AIRDICE SPIRIT SISTERS JACKPOT: Join the heroic fight for freedom and find your own fortune with up to 30 Mystery rounds and a progressive jackpot on the Airdice Spirit Sisters dice game. Get 3 bonus symbols and trigger the bonus Spirit Blast, you'll get 5 chances to win the jackpot!
    Win up to 30 mystery and over €5000 in jackpot!
  • AIRDICE RED LOTUS JACKPOT: On the Airdice Red Lotus dice game you can choose your bonus. Align 3 bonus symbols and choose your favorite bonus wheel. Depending on the bonus wheel chosen, you will have the possibility of winning one of the 5 jackpots offered, Red, Daimond, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Win up to 6 mysteries and over €1,000 in jackpot!
  • AIRDICE SUPER LUCKY 7 JACKPOT: Find the seven symbols and then multiply your winnings at the Jakpot Bonus. During the bonus jackpot you will receive 12 playing cards, find 3 SPADES, HEARTS, DIAMOND or CLOVER symbols and walk away with the associated progressive jackpot!
  • EGT JACKPOT CARDS: When triggered, the player is presented with a selection field consisting of 12 face down cards is displayed. The player selects cards until 3 matching cards are revealed. Mystery cards matching the revealed jackpot color win the jackpot on this world famous EGT Jackpot Cards game!
  • EGT EGYPT QUEST JACKPOT: Gather three Egypt Quest bonus symbols and go on a quest for the papyri to win one of the four Egypt Quest progressive jackpots. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze jackpots are yours for HALLUCINATING wins!
  • GAMING1 MEGA SPINNER JACKPOT: The Bonus Reel may surprise you at the end of the game on the Mega Spinner dice game. If you line up the JACK, PO and T segments or the top of the wheel you hit the jackpot! Play at 15€ stake to get 3 chances to spin the wheel in order to choose the right proposition.
    Win from €500 to €25,000!
  • GAMING1 MIRROR JACKPOT: Be crafty and trigger 2 bonuses at once on the Mirror Jackpot dice game. Your first grid will indeed be duplicated in the mirror grid and can land you the jackpot if you manage to get 3 Jackpot dices!
    Win 5 to 25 Mystery games!
  • GAMING1 RAPID RUSH JACKPOT: The electric atmosphere of this game leads you to 2 exhilarating bonuses allowing each to try the incredible Rapid Rush Jackpot. Align the bonus dice and spin the boosted wheel, from 500 points you'll enter the game of boxes to collect the Mysterys!
    Win from 25 to 75 Mystery games!
  • GAMING1 MYSTERY RUSH JACKPOT: Align 3 bonus symbols in a grid to trigger the wheel of fortune bonus. The Mystery box gives you access to the Rush wheel where a ton of Mystery awaits you in the Mystery Rush Jackpot.
    Win 25 to 75 Mystery!
  • GAMING1 FAKIR DICE JACKPOT: Challenge the powerful fakir, collect the pucks and try the Fakir Mystery Jackpot. Line up 3 Bonus dice in a grid to launch the puck lottery and trigger the Planche Du Fakir bonus. Points, mysterys and of course a nice jackpot are waiting for you!
    Earn from 5 to...lots of Mysterys!
  • GAMING1 MYSTERY WHEEL JACKPOT: Several games feature the Progressive Mystery Wheel. Play Crystal Hi Lo, Master Dice, Maya Ruins Progressive, or Hi-Lo Progressive dice games to win a mountain of Mysterys.
    Potential payouts of 25 to 75 Mysterys!
  • GAMING1 DEVILISH JACKPOT: Line up 3 Bonus dice in a grid to trigger the Celestial Pickaxes bonus. Click on as many dices as you have celestial pickaxes and win points or Mystery dices! Get 3 Mystery dices of the same color to win 3, 10 or 30 Mystery games. It is possible to obtain a maximum of 2 different batches of Mystery per Bonus.
  • GAMING1 FENG LI DRAGON JACKPOT: Get at least 3 Bonus symbols in the grid to get 8 Free Spins and bonus coins. Accumulate 3 Jackpot stars to win the Progressive Jackpot according to your initial bet, more than €8,000 to be won!

Have fun and play with moderation.