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Our dice games have countless surprises in store for you. Choose your bet, form horizontal and diagonal lines of identical dices and win big. Each game has its own atmosphere and offers you surprising bonus rounds, Mystery games and special features. Take advantage of our exceptional quality of online games!

What are online dice games?

Dice games are online casino games with different playing squares. Such a square usually consists of three rows and three columns. In it, you have to connect three identical dices horizontally or diagonally. Each color or symbol has a specific value. You place the dice yourself on the grid, so your strategic vision makes all the difference.

If you have a winning combination of three red wild symbols, you activate a bonus game. Perhaps it will be a Mystery game, in which you can win up to a hundred times your stake. Some dice games also have a jackpot.

The best online dice games

You do not know which game to choose? These dice games are the absolute best on our online casino:

  • Airdice Infinity Dice: “Infinity” is the magic word here. In the bonus game, you can accept or re-rotate your prize. This way you have a chance to win no less than 15 Mystery games!
  • Gaming1 Rapid Rush: This is a high voltage dice game with a jackpot and two bonus games.
  • Airdice Pure: A great classic, simple and stylish. Try your luck at one of the three progressive jackpots.
  • Gaming1 Fakir Dice: This guaranteed win bonus game looks like a pinball machine. Five balls fall through the fakir's nail bed, into one of the seven slots with bonus points.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

Your chances of winning depend on luck and strategy. You don't know how the dice will fall, but otherwise you are in control. We therefore recommend that you play the selected dice game first in a demo version and then with a low stake.

This is how you will find out the rules and the best ways to win, as each game has its own points table. Also, don't dwell too much on a single combination, but keep a broader view of the game.

Online dice game providers

You can choose, via the links below, your favorite dice game provider and discover all their available games in an instant.

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