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July 7th, 2023

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Online return to player percentage: a myth? Luckygames explains

Many online gambling sites guarantee the highest payout percentages. It is said that they would refund around 97% of the stake. Is it really like that?

  • In fact, that's true, but we'll take it a step further here.

It seems difficult to estimate who currently has the best payout percentages. It can be said that all Belgian licensed gaming sites pay out, across all virtual machines, on average around 97% of their TOTAL BET.

What does this mean now?

The TOTAL BET is a counter that shows the monetary value of the total bets (stakes). On the other hand, we have the TOTAL WIN. This meter shows the monetary value of the total wins. If you now divide the TOTAL win by the TOTAL BET, you will get the payout percentage.

This is very often confused with cash in / cash out (credit in / credit out), but it is not the same thing...

The principle:

  • You log on to LuckyGames.be and bet €20 on the TAKE IT OR NOT game (step 1).
  • You play a €5 game and lose (step 2).
  • You play a second game at €5 and you win €40 (step 3).
  • Then you play five €5 games that you lose each time (step 4 to step 8).

You stop playing (COLLECT) and you have a balance of €25 and therefore €5 profit. You have a TOTAL BET of €35 and a TOTAL WIN of €40. The TAKE IT OR NOT game has paid 114% and is at -5 € (step 9).

Online return to player percentage: a myth? Luckygames explains.


  • CASH IN 20€
  • CASH OUT 25€
  • TOTAL BET 35€
  • TOTAL WIN 40€


The player has a profit of €5, the online casino loses €5.

Do you understand the principle? A practical example then...

After a week of playing on one of the online dice games, you might then get the following numbers:

  • CASH IN 3042€
  • CASH OUT 2704€
  • TOTAL BET 9829€
  • TOTAL WIN €9491


Online return to player percentage: a myth? Luckygames explains.

We note that payout percentages can only be correctly interpreted in the longer term. When we talk about long term, we mean three to six months or even a year depending on the popularity of the game. The machines therefore do not pay out exactly 97% every week, as our example shows.

By the way, not all machines pay an average of 97%. For example, most dice games average around 96% and roulette averages around 98%. And with roulettes, you have the distinction between French and American roulette, the latter paying a little less.

It is therefore generally the totality of all virtual machines.

Online return to player percentage: a myth? Luckygames explains.

Percentages fluctuate, but over the long term, B+ casinos average around 97%. So we're talking here about the long-term percentage. This percentage is relatively stable. The short-term rate, on the other hand, is irregular.

It also depends a lot on the type of player on the one hand and the type of game on the other. For example, the speed of a game determines the payout percentage. In addition, the betting strategy, tactics and control of the player also have an influence.

After all, you have strong players and less strong players...

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