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March 15th, 2023

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Here's how to win at online casino tournaments

Participating in online casino tournaments is all about fun and adrenaline.

Especially if you finish at the top of the leaderboard and hit the jackpot. We give you five tips for a successful tournament at Lucky Games.

1. Understand the rules

Don't go into just any tournament. Better to participate in games you know. You will have a better chance of winning if you understand the flow and the rules of the game. Our advice: start by playing a demo version to practice.

2. Take your time

Avoid participating in a tournament that is coming to an end. Last-minute wins are unlikely. Choose online casino tournaments that still remain open for a while. This way, you will have plenty of time to progress in the rankings.

3. Play at a quiet time

Often very lively, the Lucky Games online casino also has quieter moments. Try to play at different times to identify uncrowded slots. The fewer participants there are, the more chances you have of winning!

4. Don't overlook the small wins

In online casino tournaments, the competition increases with the size of the jackpot. Do not hesitate to turn to games that pay less. While they may seem less interesting at first glance, low-stakes games are a lot of fun. And we repeat that it is better to have few opponents to optimize your chances of winning.

Here's how to win at online casino tournaments

5. Play multiple times

One can participate several times in online casino tournaments. Have you been unlucky, or do you feel like you could do better? Try again quickly and, who knows, you might end up in first place… Good to know: “rebuys” and “ad-ons” allow you to restart the game or gain extra time.

Compete against other players

In an online casino, you usually play individually. You actually face the game. Want an extra challenge? In this case, participate in a Lucky Games tournament, during which you will face other players. This way you will challenge yourself and you will enjoy an even more intense game. Start by playing a few demo versions, find the game that suits you best and rise to the top spot!

Multiple chances to finish at the top of the leaderboard

The goal of a Lucky Games tournament is clear: to reach the top of the leaderboard and win big sums of money. You are not satisfied with your result and you think you can do better? In this case, you can use “rebuys” and “ad-ons”. They will allow you to restart the game or obtain additional playing time.

Keep an eye on the rankings, especially if you finished in the top places. In this way, you will avoid surprises at the end of the tournament. If you notice other players getting dangerously close as the end of the tournament draws near, you can try to get a better score with a rebuy.

Take part in a Lucky Games tournament

Do you also want to win great prizes with a low stake? So take part in an online Lucky Games tournament and try your luck! Always play in moderation.