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March 23rd, 2023

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Airdice Grand Deluxe Dice game, collect the diamonds!

5 Chances to earn points or up to 50 Mystery Games!

Match three Grand Deluxe symbols and access the Grand Wheel bonus.

Three JEWEL symbols will give you access to the Jewel Box bonus.

Gameplay on the Grand Deluxe dice game

A game round consists of 12 player moves. Each move consists of placing the column of 3 random dice into one of the four boxes available. A game round is complete when all 12 moves have been made. On completion of the game round any points earned are awarded and paid according to the prize table. The next game round can then be started.

Points are gained by placing 3 of the same dice symbols in a horizontal or diagonal line. Different dice symbols carry different point values with less common dice symbols carrying the higher point values. A minimum of 100 points is required for the minimum prize.

Score Multipliers & Bonuses

Airdice Grand Deluxe Dice game, collect the diamonds!
  • If you score points in 3 boxes, you gain a 1.5x score multiplier.
  • If you score points in 4 boxes, your score multiplier grows to 2x.
  • If you fill a box with 9 of the same symbol, you score 200 extra points.

Mystery Games

During Mystery Games, all prizes in the main game prize table are worth the main prize, 100 x bet. A minimum of 100 points is required to win—a cash prize does not trigger the 100 x bet win.

Mystery Games are not free rounds: every Mystery Game requires you to place the same bet as the round in which it was won. No bets can be altered during Mystery Games. Mystery Games start in the round following the one in which they were won.

In this game, Mystery Games can be won from the Grand Wheel Bonus or the Jewel Box Bonus.

Grand Wheel Bonus Function

Airdice Grand Deluxe Dice game, collect the diamonds!

Placing three Bonus symbols in a horizontal or diagonal line will trigger the Grand Wheel Bonus (also referred to as the Bonus Feature.)

In this Bonus Feature the player spins a wheel and accepts or rejects the result. They have five spin attempts, after which the last result must be accepted.

The possible prizes in the Grand Wheel Bonus are

  • Points: 100, 150, 200, 250, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 900, 1000.
  • 3, 5, 10 or 50 Mystery Games

When the Bonus Feature ends, point prizes are added to the main game result and count toward the total win of the game round.

The Bonus Feature can be triggered only once per main game box, but from multiple boxes in one game round.

Bonus Feature: Jewel Box Bonus

Airdice Grand Deluxe Dice game, collect the diamonds!

The Jewel Box Bonus is triggered by placing any three symbols marked with the JEWEL BONUS SYMBOL (Scatter) anywhere in the boxes. The player is presented with seven jewel boxes and can choose one of them. The prize is then revealed and the main game resumes. The Jewel Box Bonus win is paid at the end of the game round.

Possible prizes in the Jewel Box Bonus are

  • Money: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 × bet
  • 1 Mystery Game

Jewel Box Bonus prizes are multiplied by 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 randomly when there is extra money in the skill balance prize pool, making the maximum money prize 300 × bet, and maximum Mystery Games prize 30 Mystery Games.

Grand Deluxe game in numbers

  • Type of game: Dice game, dice placement
  • License: B+
  • Redistribution rate: 96.00%
  • Paylines: 5
  • Bonus 1: Big Wheel Bonus
  • Bonus 2: Jewel Box Bonus
  • Mystery Games: 3–50 with the Grand Wheel, 1 with the Jewel Box
  • Jackpot: No
  • Stakes: from 0.10€ to 25€
  • Maximum win: €10,000
  • Volatility: Medium (5/10)