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June 13th, 2022

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Airdice Fortune Gazer Dice Slot - Test and review

Your future may be filled with good news and huge wins on this unique dice slot.

FORTUNE GAZER is a 5 reel, 10 fixed payline video slot. A combination of three or more identical symbols on one or more win lines can create a win.

The paytable shows the price of each winning combination. Winnings on different lines are added. The game offers a Bonus feature. Bonus feature winnings are in addition to normal winnings. Winnings are paid out immediately at the end of each round. The Bonus feature is played at the same bet level as in the round that triggered it and the bet cannot be changed during the bonus.

How to play on Fortune Gazer ?

Bets are selected by pressing the BET button. The proposed bets menu appears. The player can click on the desired amount. If the player clicks elsewhere on the screen, the bets menu is closed and the selected bet is kept. To start the round, the player must click on the play button.

By clicking on the auto play button, the player can launch several games in a row without any intervention on his part. A menu of options opens. The player must select the desired number of spins, as well as possible loss and/or win limits for auto spins. He must then click on the LAUNCH AUTOGAME button for the rounds to begin.

Bonus Fortune Gazer

Airdice Fortune Gazer Dice Slot

In the bonus game, fifteen cards face down are presented to the player. Each card contains a different gain:

  • Empress, Justice and Magician cards add 1x the current bet to the winnings collected.
  • Sun, Moon, World and Tower cards add 0.5x the current bet to the winnings collected.
  • The Lovers card adds 2 turns to the bonus game.
  • The Wheel of Fortune card randomly increases a multiplier of +1, +5, +10 or x2.
  • The Hangman card ends the bonus game.

The player chooses a card by tapping on it. Once selected, the card is revealed and the win is added to the corresponding field (spins, multiplier or collected wins). At the end of the bonus round, the win is calculated by multiplying the value of the winnings obtained by the value of the multiplier.

The bonus game starts with 5, 10 or 15 spins. 3 Wheel of Fortune bonus symbols award the player 5 spins, 4 Wheel of Fortune bonus symbols award 10 spins and 5 Wheel of Fortune cards award 15 spins.

The Lovers card can increase the number of turns. At the end of the bonus feature, the player returns to the classic game and the total bonus winnings are added to the normal winnings.

Winnings from the bonus game are limited to 1,200x the stake.

If the Hangman card appears during the bonus game, the game ends. The winnings collected at that time are multiplied by the current multiplier and the winning is paid out to the player. The remaining turns are lost

Fortune Gazer Dice Paytable

Airdice Fortune Gazer Dice Slot

The paytable shows the amounts won for each symbol combination, based on the currently selected bet level. Normal symbol wins are evaluated from left to right for adjacent symbols.

Get between 3 and 5 BONUS symbols on screen to trigger the bonus game. Bonus symbols are also WILD symbols that substitute for any symbol.

  • Game client: HTML5
  • Type of game: dice slot 3x5 reels and 10 paylines
  • Bonus Feature: Fortune Bonus Spins
  • Bets: €0.10 to €10
  • Jackpot: No
  • Max win: 1200x the bet
  • Redistribution rate: 95.55%

Our opinion on the Airdice Fortune Gazer

Airdice games and their jackpots are very popular at Luckygames Casino and this new game in partnership with Dice Crafter offers great promise.

Indeed, with a maximum gain of 1200x the bet and stakes that can vary from €0.10 to €10 per game, any beginner or more experienced player can try their luck in order to discover their financial future. The base game is very different from classic dice slots, and that feels good!

The astral chart and tarot will disorient you, at first it can be confusing but don't panic because you get used to it quite quickly. The soundtrack is calm and pleasant while using really cool sounds and animations for wins and bonus rounds.

The bonus game is a card choice game, you can choose up to 15 unless you come across a Hangman card which will end your bonus game.

Make the right choices and you could get cash wins, multipliers of your current wins or even additional free spins!


With a redistribution rate of 95.55%, the winnings will be a little less recurrent than on other slots of the same type but still captivating to try to access the bonus and win up to €1200 in one game. Depending on your bet, you could therefore win some nice sums!